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Know the yarn of spin cloth
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Want to know clothing fabrics, what should understanding above all is gauze, what is a line, because any spin fabrics are,become by yarn group.

Alleged gauze: Since arranges spin fiber parallel, the product that be made via twisting and becomes. And will double root or the product that root gauze adds up to twisting to make and become more say for line or plied yarn. < ! - - small advertisement ends- ->

The classification of yarn is very much, here introduces common classified method only:

A) can divide by spinning technique classification for: Combing gauze and general comb gauze, half combing gauze

B) press yarn catch rectify classification of the treatment after reaching to be able to divide for: This white gauze, blanch gauze of the gauze, coloring gauze, gauze that burn light, the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics to wait a moment.

C) the degree of finish that presses yarn (gauze is raised) classification, be like coarse yarn, medium-counts gauze, fine yarn and raise gauze high.

The degree of finish of spin fabrics, thickness, weight reachs class, among them the degree of finish of gauze is one of payoff.

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